Dai Yao (姚岱)

Assistant Professor of Marketing
NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

* PhD in Management (Marketing), INSEAD, 2014
MSc in Operations Management, Singapore Management University, 2009
B.Eng in Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, 2006

AI Applications in Marketing; Social Media and Online WOM; Online and Mobile Commerce; Omni-Channel; Sharing Economy; Multi-Stage Transactions; FinTech; Gaming and Gambling

* Marketing Analysis and Decision Making for undergraduates (2015-now) and masters (2018-now).
* Descriptive Analytics with R for undergraduates (2019-)

[Curriculum Vitae (in .pdf)]

Faculty page at NUS Business School

Opinions / 观点

* Live streaming industry and internet-based business model in China (Chinese Business Center at NUS, in Chinese).
* Pay-what-you-want monetization in live streaming (Chinese Business Center at NUS, in Chinese).


Email: [first-name].[second-name]@nus.edu.sg